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Multidisciplinary Engineering Approach

Chemical Engineering Services

Among the chemical engineering services we provide are process design, engineering, and safety services to processing industries. We have dedicated chemical engineers with decades of experience in process design, simulation, development, testing and qualification. Our chemical engineers apply process engineering capabilities over a wide range of industries including chemicals, petroleum, waste treatment, alternative fuels, nuclear materials, power generation, and more. Our experience is in a wide range of Chemical Engineering Services. We use licensed commercial process simulation software and in-house simulation programs to perform our work. In addition to these, we have access to dedicated labs and collaborate with other institutions, universities and labs for experimental studies.

To broadly summarize our chemical engineering services:

  • Conceptual Process Design Services

  • Detailed Process Design Services

  • Process Simulation and Modeling Services

  • Operations Support Services

  • Process Controls Services

  • Process Safety Services

  • Environmental Compliance Support

  • Process Documentation

  • Third Party Evaluations

  • Expert Witness

  • Detailed Engineering and Construction / Project Support

  • Miscellaneous Other Services (Training, etc.)



More specifically we can outline our chemical engineering services as:

Process Design

  • Conceptual/preliminary process design studies

  • Feasibility studies

  • Technology screening and selection

  • Capacity evaluations

  • Independent 3rd party process design evaluation

  • Utility systems evaluations

  • Front End Engineering Design

  • Process design packages (Basic Engineering Design)

  • Design basis development

  • Process alternatives technical & economic evaluations

  • Heat & Material Balance (HMB) development / Mass and Energy Balances

  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD) development

  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagram development

  • Process controls description and specifications

  • Equipment plot plan

  • Equipment duty specifications

  • Preliminary cost estimates (CAPEX and OPEX)

  • Relief valve sizing


Process Modeling/Simulation

(using advanced software tools – CHEMCAD, AspenPlus, HYSYS ….)

  • Detailed mass and energy balances

  • Unit operations design

  • Piping system hydraulics

  • Relief or flare system design and evaluation

  • Simulation interface development for client

  • Whole plant modeling


Operations Support

  • Commissioning plans and startup support

  • Process evaluation, optimization and troubleshooting

  • Debottlenecking

  • Control systems process support

  • Operating procedure development

  • Client staff training

  • On-site process engineering staff augmentation


Process Safety Management

  • Process Hazard Analyses (PHA) / Resolving/implementing PHA recommendations

  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) selection analyses for Safety Instrumented Systems

  • Layer of Protection Analyses (LOPA)

  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

  • PSM compliance audits

  • Complete PSM/RMP program development

  • Process safety information development such as relief valve sizing, safe upper/lower limits…..

  • Process safety training


Safety Instrumented Systems / ISA Compliance

  • SIL selection analyses, including LOPA

  • SIS design specifications

  • Development of functional testing protocol and testing documents for ISA compliance

  • Assistance with field testing (existing systems or commissioning of new systems)

  • Development of Cause/Effect diagrams

  • Training process plant managers and engineers


Other Sevices

  • Plant investment due diligence evaluation

  • Preparation of process and/or equipment bid packages

  • Evaluation and recommendations for vendor and EPC bid packages

  • Equipment inspections

  • Acceptance testing

  • Expert witness


AGS-Engineering is capable to serve clients globally. Through local partners in different countries as well as sending specialized teams to client locations, we can serve you globally. We are flexible and capable to perform chemical engineering work tailored to your needs, from optimization studies to new equipment process specifications to operational assistance. Small and large chemical engineering projects are welcome.


A brief list of the industries we have been serving are:

  • Power & Energy

  • Alternative Fuels

  • Conventional Fuels

  • Chemicals

  • Food and Beverage

  • Metallurgy & Metals Processing

  • Minerals and Rare Earth Materials Refining

  • Nuclear Materials Processing

  • Oil & Gas Industry / Petroleum

  • Petrochemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Plastics & Polymers & Rubber

  • Paints  and Coatings

  • Waste Treatment

  • Water Treatment

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Compliance with Federal, State and International Laws & Regulations & Standards

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