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Catalysis Engineering Consulting

Catalysis Engineering

Want to know how important catalysis is ? About 90 percent of current chemical processes involve catalysis

Catalysis is essential for chemical industry and about 90 percent of current chemical processes involve catalysis. From a simple reaction between molecules to the economical design of a chemical reactor, kinetics and catalysts are the key. New catalytic systems are essential for efficient conversion of raw fossil and renewable materials to valuable products and development of more sustainable chemical manufacturing processes. Our work and services are focused on developing emerging catalytic technologies combining novel catalyst design, synthesis and innovative reaction & reactor engineering. Chemical reactions occur between two small molecules. Understanding the kinetics of the reaction, and how certain catalysts influence the reaction rate in different ways, leads to useful applications. In designing a chemical reactor, we must consider how the chemical kinetics, often modified by catalysis, interacts with the transport phenomena in flowing materials. The challenge in designing the catalyst is to increase its effectiveness and stability.


Catalysis Engineering work are conducted on:

  • Clean processes for fuels and chemicals obtained from crude-oils, coal, and natural gas

  • Renewable energy and chemicals obtained from biomass, smart conversion processes

  • Green synthesis

  • Nano-catalyst synthesis

  • Green-house gas storage and catalytic transfer

  • Water treatment

  • Air purification

  • In situ techniques and novel reactor design, In-situ catalyst characterization (SpectroscopyTAP)

  • Functional and multi-functional nano-catalysts, Zeolites and Metal-Organic frameworks

  • Structured catalysts and reactors & Zeolite Membranes

  • Photo and Electrocatalysis


Catalysis facilities available to us include XPS/UPS, ISS, LEED, XRD, STM, AFM, SEM-EDX, BET, TPDRO, chemisorption, TGA, Raman, FT-IR, UV-Vis, EPR, ENDOR, NMR, analytical services (ICP-OES, HPLC-MS, GC-MS) and high pressure reaction units. In situ cells and apparatus are also available, including Raman and in situ XRD, DRUV-Vis, ATR-IR, DRIFTS. Other available facilities include catalyst synthesis laboratory, catalyst testing reactors (batch, continuous flow, gas/liquid phase).


We offer a range of services related to catalysis to support customers throughout the development, scale-up and commercial implementation stages of a project. We deliver solutions that reduce cost, process steps and waste while maximizing the performance of your reactions. Our services include:

  • Catalyst screening

  • Increasing catalyst performance

  • Optimization of processes

  • Scaling-up

  • Efficient technology transfer.


We are dedicated to improving the efficiency of catalytic reactions for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals….etc. We achieve this through:

  • Continuous advancements in catalyst technology

  • Enabling faster, cleaner and more sustainable chemistry

  • Technical engagement to optimize catalytic processes.


Our goal is to accelerate and optimize your reactions. We are here to develop customized catalysts for you. Our partnership with global manufacturing facilities ensures that we go beyond being an R&D house.

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