Industrial Design and Engineering AGS-Engineering

Our industrial engineering team’s focus is productivity, operations and quality improvement by providing services such as industrial engineering consulting, manufacturing engineering and process planning, work measurement, cost estimating, ergonomics, plant layout and facilities planning, and many others. We serve as engineering and manufacturing consultants and provide hands-on support if needed. With a comprehensive range of capabilities in our toolbox from business process reengineering to plant layout analysis, we improve our clients' competitiveness. Our experience base includes electronics, optics, automobiles and transportation, aerospace, defense, machine and equipment building, chemicals manufacturing, petroleum, energy, and other industries. We offer a number of services with our industrial engineering team. We summarized our industrial engineering consulting services in the submenus below. You can click on each of these submenus further down the page to go to the respective page with details.

  • Industrial Design & Development Services

  • Quality Engineering and Management Services

  • Supply Chain Management and Optimization

  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Facilities Layout, Design and Planning

  • Systems Simulation & Modeling

  • Operations Research

  • Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering


Our industrial engineering team uses state-of-the-art software and simulation tools, lab settings, in-house or at client’s site pilot environments and other available tools to conduct their work. For example, if your production system is difficult to model on a sheet because of the many variations or you need to get your entire production team on the same page regarding your new design, simulation could be a beneficial tool to help you. We use simulation modeling software to develop our models. Our simulation models can evaluate equipment arrangements, material handling options, labor balancing or assembly line sequencing. Areas of analysis may include production bottleneck evaluation, proposed manufacturing system evaluation, labor efficiency, product mix, scrap rates, downtime…etc.


More specifically, let us expand the above listed consulting services into more specific tasks we deal with so you get a better idea:

  • Industrial design of products, product housing, product packaging to make them more appealing to the eye and more ergonomic, safe and easier to use.

  • Productivity studies and audits using techniques such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Design of Experiments (DOE) to optimize processes in every department in a company or specific areas of client’s choice. Customized SPC and DOE solutions

  • Assembly-line balancing for improving productivity

  • Learning curve theory and applications

  • Implementing Total Quality Management System, assisting in internal audits and preparation for Quality Management System (QMS) certification.

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES). MES is an application framed around quality assurance through providing automated work instructions. MES interfaces with PLCs and databases to provide feedback to the operator even where feedback has not been readily available before.

  • Structuring and performing work measurement studies in the factory or office (time studies, performance rating, work sampling and other techniques)

  • Plant & warehouse & distribution center layout, design and facility planning for optimization and best results

  • Master Planning

  • Helping clients in Material Handling and Automation

  • Motion Economy and Workplace Design (hand tool design, work areas, movements and motions, motion economy, implementation and use of NIOSH Lifting Equation Calculator Software)

  • Methods Analysis

  • Manufacturing Cost Estimation (MCE) using advanced software tools, databases and historical trends

  • Production Proposal Management, Strategic Design & Detailed Design & Implementation Assistance

  • Manufacturing Engineering & Process Planning

  • Helping clients implement Lean Manufacturing and Lean Processes throughout their organization and facility.

  • Help clients in improving processes and systems

  • Consulting services in Factory Systems, Methods and Procedures

  • Expert Witness & Litigation services relevant to industrial design, ergonomics, product or process safety, cost of lost time & opportunity…etc.

  • Industrial Engineering training programs

  • Preparation of Documents, such as performance rating analysis worksheets, check list, in-process monitoring check list, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)…etc.