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Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way


A lot of companies are doing research out there to find what the right ERP software is for their business. Our ERP consulting consists of the services provided for selection, implementation & customization, training, support, project management, business process review and guidance of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. A fully integrated ERP system consists of integrated business applications that include human resources, finance, order processing, shipping, receiving and a sales and service function. Understanding your needs is the first component in picking an ERP consultant. You are already busy with your business; and to take on the task of properly purchasing and executing an implementation is no easy matter. This is one area that you do not want buyer's remorse setting in a few months after implementation. Bring in the expert and save the headache for something else. The primary function of our ERP consultants is to assist with the complete transition from old ERP to the new, from understanding your business requirements, to evaluating proper solutions, to installing, training and fine tuning the product to fit your needs. All, or any single part of this process, can be handled by our ERP consulting team. You will need to determine which need do you most need help with? In most cases, all stages are foreign to the organization, because it is not the organization's job to implement ERP software or hardware. However, some stages might be easier for you to complete prior to bringing in the consultant. For instance, maybe your company is in tune with all the needs it has and you have already identified what you need to do the work you do. Make your lists, check them twice, and call us. Maybe you do not want to replace your shipping and receiving software or sales software, but need a better order entry and finance component, then we can address that specific need for you. Our ERP consultants have years of industry knowledge and implementation capabilities and will listen to your needs and provide proper support. We will provide the proper support and services for your implementation and help your company continue to grow and prosper. Depending on a number of criteria, such as your expectations, the size of your company, your budget, cloud or hybrid-cloud versus on-premise, and flexibility to have the deployment that makes most sense for your company as you scale and grow…etc., we select the most suitable options of ERP software for you and discuss with you the pros and cons of each and what we think is the best option for you. Then we make a plan and work with you. If any custom tailored options and features are desired or needed, we work with you to customize. We can help you with on-premise as well as cloud deployment of your software. With an on-premise deployment, your ERP software is either hosted at your location, on your own servers or with a Data Center provider of your choice. If you do not have a preferred data center, we can assist you choosing one.  We can work with you to set up the necessary hardware and software, using new servers or an available server you already own. Either AGS-Engineering or your in-house staff can then maintain and support your on-premise solutions. Some major ERP solutions we help you in integrating into your business are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • Sage

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • ERP Consulting

  • ERP Software Selection and Implementation (Remote or On-site Implementation/Support)

  • Project Management

  • Business Process Review

  • Master Data & Open File Conversion

  • ERP Development & Customization

  • ERP Training (Offsite, Onsite or Web-Based)

  • ERP Support (Even for third-party software)

  • Assistance with On-Premise or Cloud ERP Deployment

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