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Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering Services

Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering

Let us develop novel molecular tools, materials and approaches for your industry, medical application and research

Biomolecular Engineering is a discipline at the interface of molecular biology, biophysical chemistry, and chemical engineering. The purpose of biomolecular engineering is developing novel molecular tools, materials and approaches for the industry, medicine and research. The prime goal of biomolecular engineering is to develop useful processes, devices, therapies, and diagnostics that will benefit society and advance human health. Our Biomolecular Engineers’ expertise is in the application of engineering fundamentals to biological molecules. They have experience manipulating nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins for many appilcations including new techniques to understand certain diseases and novel technologies to probe the brain and its function. Our approach is experimental and/or computational. Examples of our effort is in understanding the physicochemical properties that dictate protein folding, stability, assembly, and function; understanding, predicting, and control of the incorporation of biomolecular entities within synthetic materials; production of functional binding biomolecules, biological production of sustainable fuels, technology based on biocompatible polymer materials for the controlled delivery of drugs; new polymeric materials that influence the growth and assembly of tissues. Our engineers also have experience developing quantitative methods for the explicit design of macromolecules and biological systems with novel properties. Major areas of specialty are:

  • Biomolecular design

  • Biomolecular imaging

  • Biocompatibility

  • Biomolecule synthesis

  • Targeted drug delivery


The type of work our biomolecular engineers can conduct are:

  • Design and development in cellular and biomolecular engineering

  • Project management from data acquisition, data analysis, site planning and review to final reports and publications

  • Managing the pre-clinical to clinical translational pathway.

  • Image reads for clinical trials

  • Preparation for new sites and expansion of existing molecular and clinical imaging programs, imaging center site design, equipment selection for research and clinical programs.

  • Development of training and educational programs in biomolecular design, synthesis, molecular imaging


We use advanced tools and equipment to provide our services, including:

  • Computational chemistry software tools such as TorchLite, Flare, Spark, Lead Finder…

  • Wet chemistry and advanced analytical lab equipment

  • Design and development of lab-on-a-chip devices for biomolecule synthesis and analysis.

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