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Thermodynamic & Thermal Design Services AGS-Engineering

We use software tools including FloTHERM, FloEFD, FloMASTER, MicReD, SolidWorks, CADRA....and more....


Thermal and thermodynamic design targets precision temperature stabilization, heating and cooling, which are critical in many applications including power electronics, power LEDs, IC packages, energy generation, lasers, medical and laboratory equipment, small refrigeration applications and many others. AGS-Engineering will conceive and develop your optimized solutions. We use analytical, numerical and empirical methods in order to ensure the most accurate prediction of thermal & thermodynamic performance. Thermal simulations are very powerful and can help you optimize space, mass and costs and increase the life expectancy of electronic components. Thermal simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows us to dimension your system in great detail. The analysis of temperatures and air flows helps us to make the correct and effective recommendations regarding adjustment of air flow, positioning of power components, dimensioning of heat sinks, choice of fans and their locations and others. Systems of the size of meters can be investigated with Computational Fluid Dynamics. We model the individual heat transfer mechanisms convection, conduction and radiation in great detail. Models chosen must appropriately simulate heat transfer and fluid dynamic behavior. Our engineers concentrate on important details and omit others, validate and refine the models for good accuracy of predictions. The development requires generally a joint effort of customer and our thermal & thermodynamic design engineers to optimize thermal performance, space constraints, cost and other targets. We use for our computations tools such as Coolit from Daat Research and CAD tools such as Flotherm, the leading thermal software for the electronics industry. Our thermal design services include thermal simulation with CFD, prototyping and testing. Using SolidWorks CAD and CFD tools our engineers are capable to smoothly exchange data with customers and suppliers. 

Tools Available Include:

  • FloTHERM

  • FloEFD


  • MicReD

  • Coolit

  • SolidWorks


  • In-house design tools


Examples of Thermal Design Services We Provide:

  • Work with you to conceive, simulate and design new products      

  •  Help clients optimize their designs for thermal and fluid flow efficiencies

  • Non-destructive dynamic thermal characterization of semiconductor devices, power LEDs, IC components, TIM, heatsinks           and others.

  • Troubleshoot thermal & thermodynamic issues in existing products

  • Sanity check your thermal design before fabrication

  • Help you in specifying and procuring thermal components

  • Complete system integration / Turn-key system development

  • Thermal testing in lab

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