Systems Integration Engineering

Systems Integration Engineering

Information, decision making, multimedia …….and much more has become digital nowadays. Computers are not just on desktops; they’re embedded in everything from cameras to copy machines to manufacturing equipment. Since all the changes and developments didn't happen at once, industries from health care to energy face a dilemma. Resources are on separate small islands. Computers can't talk to each other. A number of obstacles prevent computers to work effectively and efficiently together: different operating systems, different programming and database languages, legacy systems that no longer have vendor support….etc are just a few examples. There can also be a range of consequences to poor integration such as inefficient business operations and security breaches or malfunctioning equipment. Therefore systems integration engineering is so crucial.


Our systems integrators are concerned with interoperability – with getting software hardware to work efficiently together. Sometimes our system integration engineers make alterations to existing systems, sometimes they design new systems that incorporate multiple technologies. Our systems integration engineers ensure that new information is dispersed swiftly, that everyone gets the benefit of it, and that users have a consistent interface to work with.


Our systems integration engineering services include:


  • Conducting Project Reviews

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Project Management

  • System Integration Architecture Development

  • Hardware / Software Integration

  • Evaluating Patches

  • Designing Automation Software

  • Assuring Interoperability

  • Verification and Validation

  • Information Security

  • Planning for Release Management


Our systems integration engineers work with information technologies systems and embedded technologies. Our integration application engineers are primarily concerned with integrating enterprise systems. Our systems integration engineers possess solid knowledge of hardware and software, and the networks that connect them. They also have experience with regulations and standards.


Besides formal education, our systems integrators have certifications in the field such as from Microsoft, IBM, Cisco; they are up on the latest technology. Some of our systems engineers have Enterprise Integration Engineer certification which provides validation that they can define requirements from business as well as technological standpoints, perform integration, and offer continued support.

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