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Packaging Engineering & Design & Development

Hermetic Package Design, Optoelectronic Package Design, Compliance to IP, NEMA and International Standards


Packaging engineering, also called package engineering, is a broad subject ranging from design conceptualization to product placement. In the packaging design of a product, all steps along the manufacturing process, and even more, must be taken into account. Our packaging engineers have experience and take into consideration many aspects when designing a package for a product. These include industry-specific aspects of industrial engineering, marketing & promotion, graphic design, regulatory standards, materials science, reliability, industrial design, availability of materials and components, environmental and recycling aspects, logistics and overall cost. Briefly, the package must sell and protect the product, while maintaining its function, efficiency and cost-effective process cycle. Our packaging engineers have in-depth knowledge and experience in various manufacturing technologies such as extrusion, thermoforming, molding, casting, machining, soldering, welding, brazing, use of adhesives, effective use of O-rings, fasteners, strain relieves, getters, active and passive alignment, assembly, pick-and-place…etc. We develop packages for high speed fabrication, filling, processing, and shipment. Our packaging engineers use principles and advanced software and laboratory tools for structural, thermal analysis, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) in their work. After products are manufactured they will be stored and/or shipped to customers around the World. Therefore a good understanding of environmental aspects in long term reliability is essential to make sure the products have a long shelf-life and do not get damaged easily from variations in humidity, temperature and pressure of the environment. Popular packaging projects we have worked on involve technologically advanced hermetic package designs which isolated sensitive devices from outer environment in order to assure their proper functioning and extending their lifetime. Such advanced technology hermetic packages require the selection of special materials and requires know-how in areas such as wire and fiber feedthroughs, metallization of fibers, specialized soldering and brazing techniques, assembly in inert gas glove-box environment...etc.


In addition to purely technical aspects, we also have the expertise on less technical aspects in packaging design which are critical in today’s World. These include experience in sustainable manufacturing, temper-proofing, labeling and marking regulations, shipping regulations. Sustainable manufacturing is essential and requires knowledge on environmentally friendly processing, recycling of metals, polymers and other materials, RoHS compliance and more. Temper-proof packaging that either prevents someone from intentionally vandalizing a product or from disassembling and modifying a product is another key area of expertise we have. Labeling and marking regulations must be complied with in order to avoid damage to property, health hazard and expensive lawsuits. Proper labeling and marking of product packages, cables, input and output ports, electrical & optical connections…etc. also reduces mistakes and damage during use and thus reduces product returns. Shipping regulations and conditions must be known when designing a new product. Products packaging must assure that the interiors of the package can withstand certain amount of vibration and shock, cables and optical cables/fibers can withstand certain amount of pulling & pushing forces…etc. All these issues need to be carefully examined starting at the early conceptualization and design phases and all the subsequent phases. Our multidisciplinary engineering team is a unique match for your projects.

Here is a list of some services we offer in packaging design and engineering:

  • Packaging Innovation

  • Design & Development of Packaging (Both Engineering Design & Industrial Design)

  • Material & Component Selection

  • Supplier Selection (for materials and equipment)

  • Optimizing of Packaging, Packaging Testing & Test Protocol

  • Cost Reduction & Value Analysis (optimization of shipping, damage reduction,…etc)

  • Packaging Validation (component & equipment compatibility, packaging line trials)

  • Packaging Line Automation

  • Sustainability in Packaging (material reduction, material selection)

  • Prototyping / Rapid Prototyping

  • Compliance

  • Documentation

  • Protection of Intellectual Property (IP)


Our experience is in multiple industries. Some major ones are:

  • Automotive

  • Electronics

  • Optics & Fiber Optics

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Biotech

  • Medical Devices

  • Consumer Healthcare

  • Food and Beverage

  • Health and Beauty

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

  • Industrial

  • Life Sciences


If you prefer us to design, develop and manufacture packaging for you, we can do it too. Please visit our manufacturing site for details on our manufacturing capabilities.

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