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Optomechanical Systems Design & Engineering

A Comprehensive Approach to Consulting

Optomechanical systems design is as the name implies a combination of optical and mechanical design. It is the design of systems that consist of optical components such as lenses, beamsplitters, filters, mirrors....etc and mechanical components such as metal housing or enclosure, holding structures, glues, O-rings....etc. In its strictest definition, since it does not involve electronics, an optomechanical systems assembly will only consist of passive components that do not generate energy such as lasers or LEDs. 

Optomechanical systems design requires a good understanding of optics, reliability, material science, metallurgy, mechanical engineering...etc. Small beam deviations due to poor design can render an optomechanical assembly useless. Sometimes due to changes in temperature or due to impact or vibrations, a poorly designed optomechanical assembly can become useless. Especially optomechanical systems where the light beams travel through or reflect from multiple optical components, accurate and robust alignment and assembly becomes a challenge due to the rapid degradation of the light throughput with even the smallest misalignments.  

Our optomechanical designers utilize state-of-the-art specialized design software such as Zemax, Code V, Solidworks and their extensive knowledge of the optical and mechanical engineering fields to design some of the World's most sophisticated and complex instruments. After designing your optomechanical systems, if you wish, we can send the design files to our precision injection molding facility or machine shop to have the components manufactured for you. Contact us if you would like to discuss your optomechanical systems engineering projects. If it is doable, we can do it !

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