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Optical Diagnostic & Metrology Systems Engineering

Optical Diagnostic & Metrology Systems Engineering

We design & develop your optical test systems

Optical diagnostic and metrology systems can have advantages over other systems. For example optical metrology systems can be non-intrusive and non-destructive in nature, they can measure safely and quickly. In some applications optical diagnostic and metrology systems can offer another advantage, namely the capability of measuring from a distance without the test personnel to climb or go to a particular location, which may be difficult or impossible. An in-situ ellipsometer installed inside a coating chamber is a perfect example demonstrating the usefulness of a system that can measure coating thicknesses real-time without intervention into the coating process. Our optical engineers have implemented optical diagnostics for a wide variety of applications and have designed complete turnkey systems that correspond to different needs in metrology, such as:

  • Microfluidics: Tracking particles, measuring velocity and shape of these

  • Granulometrics: Measuring size, shape and concentration of granules

  • Mobile High Speed Camera System: Filming of events that are too fast to be observed and understood with naked eye. Films can then be watched in slow motion for analysis.

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) System: Complete system for image acquisition with hardware and software, compatible with all main cameras to work from UV to IR with high or low resolution and at a range of frame rates.  

  • Ellipsometer systems for in-situ measurement of coating thicknesses and index of refraction.

  • Laser Vibrometer

  • Laser Rangefinders

  • Fiberscopes & Endoscopes

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