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Motion Control, Automation, Robotics

Partnering with established global automation companies such as Janz Tec AG and Korenix 

Motion Control, Automation, Robotics

We provide a full spectrum of engineering services in the area of motion control & robotics & automation to our customers, including:

  • Project Management

  • Mechanical engineering using AutoCAD Inventor and Solidworks

  • Electrical & electronic engineering

  • Robotic simulation

  • Process simulation using Extend simulation software

  • Rapid development platform for any motor control solution

  • CNC machining (see our manufacturing site

  • UL/CE certified panel design, fabrication and assembly

  • Weld tooling / End of arm tooling

  • Fabrication, painting and assembly

  • PLC, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Robot programming

  • Turnkey systems integration, engineering integration

  • Preventive maintenance

  • In house or customer site robotic training

  • Supply of spare parts and service kits to allow quick response in the event of a robot or automation system breakdown.


Our motion control, automation and robotics engineers have many years of experience in:

  • Food & beverage packaging and bottling

  • Container manufacturing

  • Plastics & rubber manufacturing

  • Manufacturing of construction materials

  • Flat panel, board and sheet goods

  • Printing systems

  • Pharmaceuticals manufacturing & packaging

  • Machine building and assembly

  • Automotive manufacturing and service

  • Unmanned vehicle systems, AGV

  • Automated material handling in agriculture

  • Security systems development

  • Research & development & laboratory


More specifically, our automation and robotics engineers specialize on custom drives, algorithms, and application code such as:

  • Drives for AC and DC motors

  • Sensor control / sensorless control

  • Power factor correction

  • Field-oriented control

  • Machine vision

AGS-Engineering’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Click the following link to download our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM brochure. 

AGS-Engineering partners with a number of product and service suppliers specialized in motion control, automation and robotics. Some of our partners products can be found on our industrial computers site

Contact us regardless of your motion control, automation and robotics application requirements and let us discuss what we can do for you. When designing and developing your automation and robotics systems, we address requirements to increase energy efficiency, reduce product size, and comply with stringent industry and government requirements. Our automation and robotics engineers have worked on projects that involved big challenges such as precision slicing in the tens of nanometers thickness scale, development of automation systems for semiconductor fabs, where an hour of downtime can cost millions. Having a multidisciplinary team, we are more capable than any other company to handle complex projects. When working with us, you do not need to contact multiple companies to get the design & development, rapid prototyping, programming & software development & GUI, test and verification, debugging, industrial design, certification….etc. You can get all these services from us and we can develop a turn-key solution for you.

Taking artificial intelligence in automation and robotics as a necessity, AGS-Engineering / AGS-TECH, Inc. has become a value added reseller of QualityLine production Technologies, Ltd., a high-tech company that has developed an Artificial Intelligence based software solution that automatically integrates with your worldwide manufacturing data and creates an advanced diagnostics analytics for you. This powerful software tool is an especially good fit for electronics industry and electronics manufacturers. This tool is really different than any others in the market, because it can be implemented very quickly and easily, and will work with any type of equipment and data, data in any format coming from your sensors, saved manufacturing data sources, test stations, manual entry .....etc. No need to change any of your existing equipment to implement this software tool. Besides real time monitoring of key performance parameters, this AI software provides you root cause analytics, provides early warnings and alerts. There is no solution like this in the market. This tool has saved manufacturers plenty of cash reducing rejects, returns, reworks, downtime and gaining customers goodwill. Easy and quick !  To schedule a Discovery Call with us and to find out more about this powerful artıficial intelligence based manufacturing analytics tool:

- Please fill out the downloadable QL Questionnaire from the blue link on the left and return to us by email to

- Have a look at the blue colored downloadable brochure links to get an idea about this powerful tool. QualityLine One Page Summary and QualityLine Summary Brochure

- Also here is a short video that gets to the point:  VIDEO of QUALITYLINE MANUFACTURING ANALYTICS TOOL

If you would like to explore our manufacturing capabilities along with our engineering capabilities, we recommend you to visit our custom manufacturing site 

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