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Mechatronics Design & Development AGS-Engineering

We help you in micro-robotics, home automation, domotics, automation of consumer goods.....and more


Mechatronics is a field in engineering that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems engineering and control engineering. Mechatronics' aim is a design process that unifies these subfields. Mechatronics engineers unite the principles of mechanics, electronics, and computing to generate a simpler, more economical and reliable system. Modern production equipment consists of mechatronic modules that are integrated according to a control architecture. An industrial robot is an example of a mechatronics system. Other more common everyday mechatronics systems are auto-focus cameras, video, hard disks, and CD players, ABS breaking systems in automobiles.

Our subject engineers designing mechatronic products follow an approach including interdisciplinary design, market related constraints, multifunctionality, aesthetic design and ergonomics, miniaturization, high performance and communications real time, PCs remote control, and control with smartphones and tablets, user-friendliness in operation and minimization of the cost of the whole product operation period. Our designers who create mechatronic products possess comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge and the ability to co-operate in an interdisciplinary designing team as well as team management skills of how to use the up-to-date tools of computer aided engineering. Our mechatronics engineers have experience to schedule and carry out the prototyping of mechatronic systems.

We use advanced tools such as Mechatronics Concept Designer in the machine design process to design faster and with higher quality. Mechatronics Concept Designer provides an end-to-end solution that enables multi-discipline collaboration. It reduced time-to-market, re-use of existing knowledge, and enables better decision making through concept evaluation. Modeling and simulation capabilities of Mechatronics Concept Designer enables us to quickly create and validate alternative mechatronics design concepts very early in the development cycle. Using systems engineering principles, we are able to trace customer requirements all the way through to a finished design. A functional model provides a common language for mechanical, electrical and automation disciplines to work together in parallel. This makes it possible for us to deliver designs faster and with fewer late-stage integration issues. Working from the functional model, we can quickly create basic component geometry, or add components from the re-use library. For each component, we are able to specify joints, motion, collision behavior and other kinematic and dynamic properties. We can add sensors and actuators. Interactive simulation based on real Physics enables us to verify properly mechatronic system operation. Early verification of the designed systems helps us detect and correct errors early on. The output we get from Mechatronics Concept Designer is used directly for detailed design work. Our mechanical designers use concept models in NX for detailed design, our electrical designers use model data to select sensors and actuators, and our automation designers use cams and operation sequence information from the model for software development.

Some major areas our mechatronics design and development engineers have been deployed are:

  • Various industrial applications involving sensors, actuators, Fieldbus

  • Medical industry micro-robotics

  • Robotics (entertainment, service robots, manufacturing)

  • Telecommunications

  • Home automation, domotics such as lighting and security

  • Automotive industry

  • Aerospace & aeronautics

  • Alternative energy

  • Consumer Goods

  • Toys


AGS-Engineering offers the following services in mechatronics design and development:


  • Analysis of requirements and feasibility study of the object to be designed

  • Development of the mechatronics project, including electronic design, mechanical design, optical & optoelectronic design, aesthetic & industrial design, firmware and software design, integration with the system

  • Engineering for the production.

  • Realization of samples (prototyping) on the basis of the technical documentation of the  project

  • Verification and testing that include the mechanical, electrical, optical tests, and specific tests for the particular application

  • Preparation and release of the documentation that summarizes the tests carried out

  • Procurement and supplier selection

  • Consulting services at any phase of your mechatronics projects

  • Project management at any phase of your projects

  • Management of production processes

Taking automation and quality as a necessity, AGS-Engineering / AGS-TECH, Inc. has become a value added reseller of QualityLine production Technologies, Ltd., a high-tech company that has developed an Artificial Intelligence based software solution that automatically integrates with your worldwide manufacturing data and creates an advanced diagnostics analytics for you. This powerful software tool is an especially good fit for the manufacturing industry. This tool is really different than any others in the market, because it can be implemented very quickly and easily, and will work with any type of equipment and data, data in any format coming from your sensors, saved manufacturing data sources, test stations, manual entry .....etc. No need to change any of your existing equipment to implement this software tool. Besides real time monitoring of key performance parameters, this AI software provides you root cause analytics, provides early warnings and alerts. There is no solution like this in the market. This tool has saved manufacturers plenty of cash reducing rejects, returns, reworks, downtime and gaining customers goodwill. Easy and quick !  To schedule a Discovery Call with us and to find out more about this powerful artıficial intelligence based manufacturing analytics tool:

- Please fill out the downloadable QL Questionnaire from the blue link on the left and return to us by email to

- Have a look at the blue colored downloadable brochure links to get an idea about this powerful tool. QualityLine One Page Summary and QualityLine Summary Brochure

- Also here is a short video that gets to the point:  VIDEO of QUALITYLINE MANUFACTURING ANALYTICS TOOL


If you wish we can provide you services beyond design and development. Please visit our website for manufacturing operations at

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