Low Cost Country (LCC) Manufacturing & Outsourcing

We know the low cost countries, reliable and high quality low cost manufacturers. Let us help  your business grow by saving you money while procuring the highest quality products and services delivered to your door safely on time

Low Cost Country (LCC) Manufacturing & Outsourcing

Some products are better engineered and/or manufactured overseas. We have been engineering and manufacturing many industrial products in low cost countries of Southeast Asia, South America and Eastern Europe (for details of our manufacturing operations please visit http://www.agstech.net). Products that are suitable for offshore engineering and manufacturing in low cost countries are:

  • Products of conventional nature, made with well established manufacturing processes that are low in cost overseas

  • Products that have a significant requirement for human labor, hand assembly

  • Products that are subject to high manufacturing costs domestically due to factors such as high environmental taxes, very strict regulations, very high legal and attorney costs…etc.

  • Products made of materials that are scarce and expensive domestically

  • Products that require very high domestic engineering fees, high engineering and management salaries

  • Products that can be easily shipped, small in packaging volume, lightweight with low international freight costs

  • Products for which there is more engineering, development and manufacturing experience overseas than domestic, such as products made of standard plastic and rubber materials. China manufactures products made of polymers, plastics and rubber more than any other country and therefore the molding industry is very advanced. Almost all types of polymer raw materials are stored or available quickly from geographically near suppliers in the Shanghai region of China.


Our multidisciplinary engineering team is experienced and ready to assist you in outsourcing some or all of the manufacturing operations, parts, components, subassemblies and finished products. We have an elaborate database of domestic and offshore manufacturing facilities and plants to fine tune the search to the most suitable suppliers for any project. We do know the type and brand of equipment our prescreened and qualified suppliers have in their facility. This helps assure that every project and pat is properly matched to the right plant. In addition, our continuous relationship and procurement from these reliable sources assures that we always receive priority attention and most competitive pricing. Working with offshore engineering teams and manufacturing plants requires many years of experience, understanding the culture, laws and regulations of those countries and much more. Some of our services are:


  • Professional Product and Project Review & Feedback


  • Low Cost Country (LCC) Supplier Selection


  • Low Cost Country (LCC) Supplier Qualification


  • Establishing Product-Specific Inspection and Quality Control Standards


  • Quality Assurance


  • Cost reduction by correct supplier selection, consolidation, optimized sourcing of materials and logistics

  • Setting-up and establishing effective real-time monitoring systems at offshore plants that can be used by our domestic customers oceans away. Real-time video systems observing product lines, instant messaging systems, alerting systems, video-conferencing systems are a few of them.


  • Consulting and assistance with offshore consolidation, freight, import & export documentation and processing, customs procedures.


When you work with AGS-Engineering, you are guaranteed full satisfaction with the products and services received. You eliminate the risk of having to fight for your money back due to incompetent, dishonest suppliers, and you also eliminate the risk of misunderstanding, misinterpretation of drawings and specifications. We have branches in low cost countries with local engineers and managers who know the country’s industry, government and legal system. Our offshore teams are stationed there and work with our US team on a daily basis. We use latest technologies for immediate communication, brainstorming and decision-making. Our offshore and US teams collaborate and share files thru cloud services. For projects, that require confidentiality within only US borders, we use dedicated servers accessible only by our US personnel. We are highly flexible and able to take a path that is best suitable for you. The diversity and wide spectrum of our engineering and manufacturing experience assures that we will always get you to the finish line safely and faster than your competitors.