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Industrial Design & Development of Products

Industrial design is a step further than preliminary design or engineering design and takes into consideration the aesthetics, usability, safety, ease of packaging and transportation…etc.

Industrial Design & Development of Products

After an initial design, proof of concept and prototyping, once project owners are confident to proceed with the development of a new product or a modification of an existing product, generally an industrial design is considered. Industrial design is a step further than preliminary design and takes into consideration the aesthetics, usability, safety, ease of packaging and transportation…etc. AGS-Engineering’s experienced industrial design and product development team understands how to strike the perfect balance between innovation, aesthetics and functionality. Our experts bring together a deep understanding of your business challenges, product requirements, latest methodologies, technologies and materials, customer use specifications, and costing objectives through your entire product design, industrial & product development process. Our product development professionals, industrial designers, CAD technicians and engineers create quality products, reduce production costs, shorten your time-to-market, and boost your overall competitiveness. Whether for a turnkey project or ad hoc services, we provide the best and most comprehensive knowhow.


  • Concept Development & Brainstorming & Preliminary Analyses Work

  • Standards & Regulations Compliance Check and Assurance

  • Patents Search & Patent Application for Industrial Designs

  • Market Analysis & Value Analysis & Cost Estimates

  • Industrial Design Work Coordination, Preparation of Drafts, Plans and Specifications

  • Industrial 2D or 3D Design & Drawings, Modeling, 3D Scanned Data

  • Tolerancing (GD&T)

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

  • CAD / CAM

  • User Interface Design for Electronic Products

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Electrical & Electronic Layout

  • Instrumentation Schematics

  • Variety of Simulation Techniques, Numerical Simulations

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Selection of Off-The-Shelf and Custom Components and Materials

  • 3D Printing Using Various Tools and Equipment & Additive Manufacturing

  • Rapid Prototyping using Various Tools and Equipment

  • Rapid Sheet Metal Forming

  • Rapid Machining, Extrusion, Casting, Forging

  • Rapid Molding using Inexpensive Molds Made of Aluminum

  • Rapid Assembly

  • Testing (standard techniques and custom test development )

If you prefer, besides industrial design and development, we can also quote and manufacture your first prototypes, industrial first articles, refined and finalized products at our manufacturing operations AGS-TECH Inc (visit


We have become a value added reseller of QualityLine production Technologies, Ltd., a high-tech company that has developed an Artificial Intelligence based software solution that automatically integrates with your worldwide manufacturing data and creates an advanced diagnostics analytics for you. This tool is really different than any others in the market, because it can be implemented very quickly and easily, and will work with any type of equipment and data, data in any format coming from your sensors, saved manufacturing data sources, test stations, manual entry .....etc. No need to change any of your existing equipment to implement this software tool. Besides real time monitoring of key performance parameters, this AI software provides you root cause analytics, provides early warnings and alerts. There is no solution like this in the market. This tool has saved manufacturers plenty of cash reducing rejects, returns, reworks, downtime and gaining customers goodwill. Easy and quick !  To schedule a Discovery Call with us and to find out more about this powerful artıficial intelligence based manufacturing analytics tool:

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- Also here is a short video that gets to the point:  VIDEO of QUALITYLINE MANUFACTURING ANALYTICS TOOL

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