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Imaging Engineering & Image Acquisition and Processing

Imaging Engineering & Image Acquisition and Processing

We can create miracles by developing automated image processing systems

Our image acquisition and processing engineers have been developing image acquisition systems for decades. These systems are optimized to ensure acquisitions without raw data or "on the fly" compression loss. They have developed solutions that are compatible with hundreds of different cameras (high resolution, high speed, monochrome, colored…etc.). The software suite developed by our engineers covers all needs related to image acquisition and processing. Consisting of a series of modules, most are open to programming to make them upgradeable and customizable for all users. Stand-alone cameras alone have limited applications. Therefore, different accessories must be used to help optimize the image taken and, as a result, the quality of measurement. Our imaging engineers have developed a range of accessories to meet stringent requirements, such as laser lighting, high energy LED lighting accessory, transportation and formatting systems for beams, electronic synchronization systems,…etc. We have mastered powerful tools such as the toolbox from MATLAB - MathWorks used in image processing. Some examples of imaging, image acquisition and processing systems developed by our engineers are:

  • Mobile High Speed Camera System: Filming of events that are too fast to be observed and understood with naked eye. Films can then be watched in slow motion for analysis.

  • Exact Measurement System for Angiography

  • Automated Detection System of anomalies on coronary CT angiography

  • Medical Segmentation Systems (for brain tumor…etc.)

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) System: Complete system for image acquisition with hardware and software, compatible with all main cameras to work from UV to IR with high or low resolution and at a range of frame rates.  

  • Gaze Direction Analyzer that allows tracking of both eyes

  • Automated Biometric Detection and Measurement System for Eyeglasses

  • Tracking Tool for objects or patterns defined by the user

  • Image Processing and Computer Vision system to detect cells in a microscopic field

  • Machine Vision System that includes performing real-time inspections and measurements of features on semiconductor wafers during the manufacturing process in a clean room environment

Here are some of the services in Image Processing Engineering we provide:

  • Concept Design

  • Feasibility Study & Analysis

  • Determination of Specifications

  • System Architecture Design

  • Algorithm Development

  • Software Development

  • System Verification and Validation

  • Selection, procurement, installation & assembly of hardware, software, firmware

  • Training Services


Image acquisition and processing finds applications in many areas of life, such as:

  • Event Detection, Scoring, and Tracking

  • Pattern Recognition and Object Classification

  • Alignment & Measurement

  • Neural Network-Based Pattern Recognition and Object Classification

  • Image Enhancement and Display

  • Geometric Transformations & Color Transformations

  • 3-Dimensional Visualization and Measurement

  • Character and Bar Code Recognition and Validation

  • High-Speed Video Sequence and Line Scan Capturing

  • Motion Control

  • Image Management & Archiving

  • Systems Integration and Interfacing of Components

  • High-Speed Image Workstation Networking

AGS-Engineering’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Click the following link to download our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM brochure. 

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