Facility Planning & Design

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Facility Planning & Design

The basis of our manufacturing facility design is based on the principles of lean manufacturing. Our extensive experience provides the qualifications of our business consulting experts on developing preliminary design and specifications for manufacturing facilities. Upon establishment of location and size requirements, we design a specific building configuration and prepare a preliminary scope of work. We identify all aspects of the building, including machinery, heavy equipment, lighting, floor loads, clearances, entrances, flow patterns, process gas requirements and environmental requirements of your operations. We help our clients in planning, designing and building their manufacturing facility. Here are some major areas of our facility planning and design engineering expertise:

  • Facility Strategy Consulting


  • 3D scanning for plant layouts


  • Building Schematic Design


  • Production and Logistic Equipment Layout


  • Facility Start Up


  • Facility Relocation Consulting


  • Ergonomic Studies for Work Stations


  • Safety and Security; Maximum Loading Capacity & Certification


  • Instrumentation Schematics


  • Various stress analysis for lifting devices, tools and structures


  • Auditing for occupational health and safety standards


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses for heat exchange, mixing optimization, HVAC and process efficiency, clean room airflow analysis


  • Line Capacity Analysis for planning production line capacity to increase volume and timeliness.


  • Assisting in the Changeover Process for converting a production line from one product to another.


  • Balanced Production for improving productivity by providing optimal balance through various manufacturing areas.


  • Accurate lead time calculations


  • Production Control Systems and Andon to notify management, maintenance and other workers of a quality or process problem. This system provides an efficient and reliable production flow.


  • Establishment of reception and warehouse process architecture for improved inventory processes.


  • Inventory Management and Kanban System to control the logistics of the inventory.


  • Lean Manufacturing Facility Assessment, Planning, Design


  • Lean Project Management


  • Manufacturing Project & Facility Feasibility Study


  • Consulting services for the selection, procurement and installation of equipment