Domestic Manufacturing & Outsourcing

We know the low cost states, reliable and high quality low cost manufacturers. Let us help  your business grow by saving you money while procuring the highest quality products and services delivered to your door safely on time

Domestic Manufacturing & Outsourcing

Every company needs to outsource some products, because it is impossible for any corporation to manufacture all the needed materials, parts and components in-house. Then, the key question is from where to outsource the needed products. Especially if the product that is needed is itself a subassembly or a complex assembly requiring multiple parts to be individually manufactured and put together, the task of outsourcing can become a tedious and risky task. You may need a solid understanding of tolerancing issues to make sure that all procured parts and components fit together. In addition, you would need to assure that the materials of the different components are compatible with each other in the short and long term. Any adverse interaction of the components under different circumstances such as elevated temperatures could become an issue.


Our multidisciplinary engineering team is more capable than any other partner to assist you in outsourcing some or all of the manufacturing operations, parts, components, subassemblies and finished products. We have an elaborate database of domestic and offshore manufacturing facilities and plants to fine tune the search to the most suitable suppliers for any project. We do know the type and brand of equipment our prescreened and qualified suppliers have in their facility. This helps assure that every project and pat is properly matched to the right plant. In addition, our continuous relationship and procurement from these reliable sources assures that we always receive priority attention and most competitive pricing. Some of our services are:


  • Professional Product & Project Review & Feedback

  • Domestic Supplier Selection

  • Domestic Supplier Qualification

  • Establishing Product-Specific Inspection and Quality Control Standards

  • Quality Assurance

  • Cost reduction by geographically close supplier selection, consolidation, optimized sourcing and logistics


When you work with AGS-Engineering, you are guaranteed full satisfaction with the products and services received. You eliminate the risk of having to fight for your money back due to incompetent, dishonest suppliers, and you also eliminate the risk of misunderstanding, misinterpretation of drawings and specifications. We are highly flexible and able to take a path that is best suitable for you. The diversity and wide spectrum of our engineering and manufacturing experience assures that we will always get you to the finish line safely and faster than your competitors.

You may visit the site of our manufacturing operations ( to see the types of products we manufacture domestically and offshore.