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Communications Engineering

A comprehensive approach to engineering services

Communications Engineering

Communications engineering deals with modes of communication such as satellites, radio, internet and broadband technologies and wireless telephone services. Our communications engineers have expertise in providing services to telecommunications companies and manufacturers.

Our communications engineering activities can be broadly summarized as:

  • Providing technical support.

  • Designing, producing and modifying designs.

  • Managing/working on communications projects.

  • Liaising with clients.

  • Undertaking site surveys.

  • Producing disaster management plans.

  • Interpreting data and writing reports.

  • Testing systems.


We provide turnkey infrastructure solutions to the Data Center industry. Our work includes electrical and mechanical design for infrastructure, telecommunication and data center facilities.


AGS-Engineering works on your new facilities and sustains life in existing ones with our experienced approach to planning, designing, installing, operating and maintaining the sophisticated and dynamic systems such as electrical, mechanical, lighting, air conditioning, heating, security, fire protection, and power generation systems.

More specifically our communications engineering services consist of:



  • Networking: We design, implement, and extend your networks to help you create the platform you need to make smart decisions, streamline operations, identify trends, analyze statistics, and share information. With our IT partners we work on your wired and wireless infrastructure, monitor performance and assure information security. More devices than ever are connecting wirelessly to our networks. We survey and measure signal strength, analyze background interference, and ensure security on a network. We’ll help you support growing numbers of applications and users, and plan for the future. As wireless connectivity increases, your wired infrastructure must be robust and reliable to support this evolution. Therefore wired infrastructure is always important for us. As Ethernet networks absorb proprietary networks, such as telephony, intercom, security, AV systems and nurse call systems, we will push the boundaries of what can be connected to your network and maximize the advantages of this connectivity. We will help you understand and evaluate the performance of your network, monitor traffic and resource utilization, troubleshoot potential network issues in real time, and assess problems with network-connected devices and applications to improve uptime and availability. We will ensure that your information is protected without compromise and available to the appropriate people whenever it’s needed.


  • Storage, Virtualization, Recovery: Whether you need a storage solution for virtualized workloads, files, unstructured data, or backups, we can design and implement a solution to fit your business goals and budget. By conducting non-invasive storage utilization and performance assessment we can provide you insight to develop a customized, futureproof storage strategy. We’ll offer you storage recommendations and designs based not only on our experience, but also based on data obtained through assessment and discussions about your needs, goals, challenges, preferred manufacturers, and of course your budget. Virtualization uses less physical hardware, makes deployment faster, maintenance easier, disaster recovery simpler, energy costs lower and eliminates the dependence on a single vendor. Hyper-convergence offers a flexible, simpler, software-defined approach to managing data center infrastructure. It can be used to run mission-critical applications and server virtualization, or deploy general-purpose workloads, virtual-desktop infrastructure, analytics, and remote workloads. We provide expertise on every phase of virtualization and hyper-convergence – from planning and design to implementation, deployment, and support optimization. AGS-Engineering offers scalable, cost-effective, and agile solutions that consolidate infrastructure, reduce complexity and increases efficiency of your IT operations. Natural disasters, fire, human error can be devastating to your business in terms of lost revenue and unhappy customers. Timely recovery is key in today’s fast-paced, competitive world. Our solutions help ensure that your organization can continue its mission with few disruptions while the problem is managed and eliminated. We can also help you put together a plan to reduce risk and avoid unplanned downtime events. The weakest point of an organization’s security is generally the endpoints such as desktops, laptops and smartphones connected to the network. Endpoints are constantly targeted. Our centrally managed security solutions proactively protect you against holes in the software and hardware and targeted attacks. Our synchronized encryption solutions continuously validate users, applications, and security integrity before allowing devices to access encrypted data. Endpoint security and antivirus software can be augmented with anti-exploit, anti-ransomware solutions that offer root-cause analysis and advanced system-clean technology to prevent malicious attacks. Monitoring your system performance and security levels gives you the information you need to make adjustments in real time so you can efficiently manage threats, reduce downtime, and catch potential problems early before they become big issues. We customize workflow processes and set key thresholds that monitor and capture your server issues, which allows you to quickly identify problems. 


  • Unified Communications: We can design analytics and reporting systems to help you gain critical insight into your most used communications systems. We can schedule reports to run automatically so you have the data whenever you need. Your future plans, budget, requirements and number of staff resources can determine whether an onsite, cloud, or hybrid solution is best for you. Onsite systems allow you to self-manage the system, controlling applications and options. The capital expenses for this are however higher. Cloud solutions on the other hand host unified communications remotely; consume services on demand, and you pay for what you use. Thirdly, a hybrid solution combines the two options; some elements remain onsite while others are hosted in the cloud. Whatever type of conferencing system you choose; whether it be audio, web, or video; we can design it so it is easy to use, scalable for future growth. We can bring together multiple people from across the World to foster communication and improve relationship building. If you need to create specific systems or applications, or want to integrate them into your unified communications system, we are ready to help. From AV systems to fire/security and two-way communications, unified communications can be integrated with other building systems to maximize the value of your existing infrastructure. We can customize your software, hardware and services to extend the capabilities of your unified communications systems, deploy emergency notification applications, connect CRM systems, integrate third-party functionality and more. Our communications engineers can help you provide better customer service and adapt to the demands of your customers to maintain quality interaction, get the right tools in place to support voice, email, web chat, and other platforms, empower your customers to reach you using whatever technology they want, improve customer service and response times, reduce average wait times, allow you to record phone conversations, simplify operations using virtual hardware and web interfaces to manage all forms of customer engagement.



Today, classrooms are taking lectures online; time is spent on hands-on, project-based learning. We offer technology to support interactive learning environments, which rely on networked AV, multimedia resources, videoconferencing tools, software, and 2D/3D visualization. Videoconferencing on the other hand, eliminates geographical boundaries, taking you wherever and whenever you need to go without having to pay for the costs of travel expenses. Built-in asset management and tracking tells you where your AV devices are, how much they’re being used, and when they will require maintenance. We can create a customized intercom and paging solution that offers two-way, point-to-point delivery as well as one-to-many communications. We can design systems to operate within certain boundaries or across campuses, allowing you to customize a message to reach intended audience or areas. Intercoms and paging systems can also be integrated with other building systems, including fire alarms and access control. Extend audio through a building, or across an entire campus.  Easily expandable, networked audio solutions can scale as your business grows without limitations of infrastructure. Installation is quick, minimizing business disruption and downtime. Acoustic modeling ensures that your audio system will perform at the level you expect, with industry-standard compliance. With acoustic modeling, speaker locations will be determined correctly. Soundmasking meeting HIPAA and ASTM standards for speech privacy improves audio privacy and comfort, providing confidentiality during sensitive conversations, and a distraction-free work environment. Digital signage allows you to deliver custom content on the fly or stream existing content (news, weather, sports, or a live event) in real time to as many of your digital displays as you like. Using an IP network to transport, a dynamic and efficient video system can be created at your facilities. Furthermore, video can be shared on internal or external networks, allowing your message to reach more places and more people. We can provide you with an eye into another world in a safe and controlled manner. Visualization and simulation technology allows you to model and enhance a space without ever being in it. You can use 2D/3D visualization in product development, training simulations, and facility development, allowing decisions to be made without incurring high costs. We can design custom virtual display solutions for you.


One-to-one or one-to-many conversations connect people with other people and share information, no matter where they are. Digital radio systems have transformed into information devices that not only transmit voice signals, but also send and receive texts and emails across the globe. Reliable, durable two-way communications in real time are essential. Our communications engineers have experience in two-way radio, vehicle-mounted mobile phones and desktop stations. Durable, reliable, and rugged than smartphones, handheld radios connect people with voice and data instantly without distractions as in smartphones. Handheld radios ensure seamless communication in any environment, such as plants, factories, hotels, warehouses, university campuses…etc.  Handheld radio solutions can be designed based on your specific needs and are available in several sizes with various frequency ranges. Emergency signaling features will improve safety and ensure instant, reliable communications. Companies need to keep drivers and field employees connected to management while complying with state and local distracted-driver laws. Vehicle-mounted mobile radios can send one-to-one or one-to-many voice or data messages. Vehicle-mounted radios also offer bluetooth options, long-range cordless microphones, and signaling that can alert you of missed communications. GPS-enabled units are essential to track people and assets for better fleet scheduling and management. Desktop radio stations connect offices with factory and plant employees as well as field technicians. They too can be used to instantly send one-to-one or one-to-many voice messages, route text and email to radio users on the go. With our two-way communications partners, we can custom design system integrations that will link fire alarm, security, and building automation messaging to radios to ensure that your decision makers get the information that matters.


Our engineers develop solutions to monitor, secure, and protect your people and property by providing you video monitoring, access control, lockdown, situation awareness mass notification and security planning solutions. Video surveillance technology can be designed to send alerts and contact law enforcement before damage or loss occurs. Integrated video analytics can detect unexpected presence, capture license plate information, and detect unusual movement such as running, slipping, falling, high temperature/fever due to disease from facial IR monitoring…etc. Several locations can be monitored and managed from one central command center. Our communications engineers can determine the best placement for surveillance equipment, covering all spaces and angles so there are no blind spots in your facilities and territory. Video surveillance can also improve business processes, providing data on manufactured product counts and flow, product line efficiency, shopping experiences….etc. Access control solutions are many, granting entry via keypads, smart cards, mobile devices, turnstiles, biometric data and touchless scanning. AGS-Engineering can help you tailor the right technology for your organization. By preventing room or building entry by unauthorized individuals, controlling access times and locations for staff or third-party contractors, access control increases security for people, data, and assets. System reporting does identify and provide information about users, providing solid evidence on potential intrusions and crimes. Depending on the specific threat, a lockdown can be the best response in cases such as biological contamination, chemical spill…etc. It is important to communicate the lockdown message instantly, share special instructions, and track the location of employees and visitors, and once problem is solved inform everyone in a timely manner. Integrating with security systems, we can have the lockdown technology trigger automated lockdowns based on specific events. By sending notifications to communication devices and contacting local first responders, people inside the building will know what to do, receive essential instructions and be assured that help is on the way. The best way to make sure you’re prepared for a security threat is to have a contingency plan in place. Our security expert technicians can help your organization develop a strategy to protect people, information, and assets by identifying the important parts of your business and determining the risk and vulnerability levels, creating policies that can reduce risk, and propose actions to defend against liability and loss. Our security technicians will identify security systems that best fit your needs and train your staff. We design life-safety systems that comply with all necessary codes and regulations. We can help you make the most of these systems by integrating them to identify problems earlier, support faster response, and better manage emergency situations. It is important that detection systems reduce false-alarm potential by comparing findings with nearby detectors, telling you exactly where a fire or hazard is. Alarm systems can alert emergency authorities, occupants, specific personnel, and visitors. We integrate sprinklers and sensors into your system. Our integrated emergency communications systems provide powerful notification through audio, computer screens, digital signage, smartphones to everyone in the building. Lastly, we offer integrated healthcare communications platforms with built-in voice communications for mission-critical communication between doctors, nurses, and patients. Healthcare communications systems prioritize patient safety while helping hospitals and clinics meet industry standards and comply with regulations. Immediate connection between patients and their caregivers when needed is essential today. Real-time interaction leads to fast information exchange without caregivers having to leave the bedside of one patient to communicate with another. Medical decisions can even be made before caregivers go to a patient’s room. We can design and install staff-patient communications systems that integrate with wireless devices so caregivers are always reachable, design workflow architecture that gets the right information to the right people at the right time so that appropriate action can be taken immediately. Systems can be customized for the unique needs of any healthcare facility. We offer mobile communications solutions specifically for clinics, designed to be comfortable to carry and operated with one hand. By coding your highest-priority notification alerts, you can improve patient response times and reduce alarm fatigue. When someone in charge accepts a patient request on his/her device, it is removed from other devices so coworkers know that the issue is being addressed. Technology can prevent hospital abductions and mother-baby mix-ups. Transmitters are placed on a child; devices report data every few seconds, and alert personnel immediately if someone attempts to cut or tamper with a strap. By utilizing RFID technology, we can protect wandering patients who may unknowingly put themselves at danger by leaving specific areas or the building. By integrating RTLS technology, patient location can be tracked and alerts can be sent based upon the patient’s location. Real-time integration sends alarms and alerts about wandering patients to your mobile device. As another example, by examining data from an RTLS system that monitors hand hygiene, you’ll know whether you’re in compliance and identify staff members who need reminders about participation.

AGS-Engineering’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Click the following link to download our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM brochure. 

If you would like to explore our manufacturing capabilities along with our engineering capabilities, we recommend you to visit our custom manufacturing site 

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