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Assembly Engineering

Assembly is where components or subassemblies are converted into a finished product. In other words, it is at least step or many steps further down the manufacturing line. This makes assembly and especially final assembly generally a step that is of greater importance, because any mistakes at this phase can be more costly as compared to previous phases of the manufacturing process. Not only will the manufacturer sometimes have to scrap the entire assembled product and lose all the investment that was made for the individual components, materials, chemicals, energy…etc.; the manufacturer will also lose significant amount of time that is impossible to recover. As a consequence, customers will not receive their orders on time and the manufacturer has to reschedule the work order. Customer’s trust may be lost forever !


Therefore Assembly Engineering is an important area that needs a careful and detailed review by professional personnel. Some of our assembly engineering related services are:


  • 3D or 2D design & drawings, modeling, 3D scanned data


  • Subassembly & Assembly Drawings


  • Design for Assembly (DFA)


  • Instrumentation Schematics


  • Assembly line productivity improvement


  • Interpretation, design and development of automated systems for assembly from specifications in hand (hardware and/or software)


  • Industrial robot integration into assembly lines and programming


  • Development and implementation of in-line, in-situ monitoring procedures in production lines for early warning; selection, development and installation of monitoring and test devices.


  • Standardized tests as well as custom test development for assembled products


  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) consulting, training, implementation for the purpose of catching problems early on in the production line

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