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Data Science & Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the future

Data Science & Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Using Machine Learning tools and algorithms our data science & machine learning specialists have helped companies develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven products and solutions that act human like. Our team has profound knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions within the customer’s business environment. AI is a very broad topic and depending on what you want to build & achieve, you may need an entirely different skill set. We have it all for you.

Our subject specialists provide the following services:


  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning & Neural Networks

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Text Analytics & Processing

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Image Classification and Recognition

  • Computer Vision

  • Predictive Analytics & Modeling

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Data Mining

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Strategy Consulting

  • Recommender Systems


We help companies save time on hiring top notch specialists. We provide a team of world-class data scientists that bring the know-how quickly to your enterprise. Especially if machine learning is not a key expertise of your company, we work with your existing engineering team providing the API of a machine learning system that fully corresponds to your needs and requirements. This way we allow you to focus on primary tasks rather than try to learn an entirely new discipline. In some cases the development of a proof of concept may be needed for a business unit in within your organization. Stakeholders may be non-technical people who have very “high level” goals. We will work closely with them breaking down their plan into logical steps, defining and prioritizing use cases, and providing the best solution for each of them in order to achieve complex results. Starting a project with our experienced professionals you will start smart and will avoid the unnecessary investments into wrong platforms and capabilities. Our experts will collaborate with your technical and business teams to create an architecture for an agile data platform that will support your current technical and business goals and that will be flexible enough to accommodate changes and upgrades in the future.

We're flexible according to your needs:

  • Get consultation for the best approach to your data-intensive problem

  • Hire us to work on a small project that you don't have the resources to work on

  • Partner with us on a long-term basis

  • Augment your team with our skills


Some of our specific expertise and tools used are:


Deep and Machine Learning

  • Image Classification & Recognition (CNN, f-CNN, R-CNN, U-Net)

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Text Processing (word2vec, RNN, glove)

  • Models (Keras, TensorFlow, Caffe)

  • Predictive Analytics (XGBoost)

  • Parallelized computing on a GPU



Software Engineering

  • Data Visualization (D3.js, R Shiny)

  • Back-End Software Development (Flask, Python)

  • Full Stack Software Development (React, ES6)




  • Building and Running Spark/Cassandra Computational Clusters

  • Cloud (Google Cloud, AWS)

  • Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible)


Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence specialists have been trusted to work with very sensitive data and we apply the right mix of internal procedures and technology, exceeding the industry security standard. Our subject experts have experience working in high-tech small and large corporations, CERN, hedge funds, investment banks and academia. Contact us today to discuss your projects and needs.

AGS-Engineering’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Click the following link to download our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM brochure. 

Taking artificial intelligence in automation and quality as a necessity, AGS-Engineering / AGS-TECH, Inc. has become a value added reseller of QualityLine production Technologies, Ltd., a high-tech company that has developed an Artificial Intelligence based software solution that automatically integrates with your worldwide manufacturing data and creates an advanced diagnostics analytics for you. This powerful software tool is an especially good fit for electronics industry and electronics manufacturers. This tool is really different than any others in the market, because it can be implemented very quickly and easily, and will work with any type of equipment and data, data in any format coming from your sensors, saved manufacturing data sources, test stations, manual entry .....etc. No need to change any of your existing equipment to implement this software tool. Besides real time monitoring of key performance parameters, this AI software provides you root cause analytics, provides early warnings and alerts. There is no solution like this in the market. This tool has saved manufacturers plenty of cash reducing rejects, returns, reworks, downtime and gaining customers goodwill. Easy and quick !  To schedule a Discovery Call with us and to find out more about this powerful artıficial intelligence based manufacturing analytics tool:

- Please fill out the downloadable QL Questionnaire from the blue link on the left and return to us by email to

- Have a look at the blue colored downloadable brochure links to get an idea about this powerful tool. QualityLine One Page Summary and QualityLine Summary Brochure

- Also here is a short video that gets to the point:  VIDEO of QUALITYLINE MANUFACTURING ANALYTICS TOOL

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