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Animation Services & Programming

Engineering team with decades of experience

Animation Services & Programming

Our animation professionals bring to you the finest animation services and animation development. We contour the output to your specifications. Our experts will meet your requirements and turn your imaginations into spectacular 2D animation and 3D animations. Our animation services include e-Learning animation, medical animation, forensic animations, architectural 3D walkthroughs, Industrial animation, IVR animation, video animation services, animation production, 3D illustrations services, development of e-learning modules….and more.


2D Animation

  • 2D Product Animation Services

  • Character Designing

  • StoryBoarding

  • Layout Design

  • Prop Design


3D Animation

  • 3D Product Animation Services

  • 3D Modeling

  • 3D Rigging

  • 3D Medical and Other Industry Specific Animations

  • Architectural 3D Walkthrough (thru building, faciliies….etc)

  • Forensic Animation Services


E- Learning

  • Mobile and Tab Based Training

  • Computer Based Training (CBT)

  • Web Based Training (WBT)

  • Interactive CBTs



Illustration Services

  • 3D Illustration Services

  • Medical and Other Industrial Illustration Services


Other Services


  • Infographics Design

  • Digital Magazine Service

  • Industrial Modeling and Animation

  • Interactive Virtual Reality Animation

  • Conversion of old CBTs to E-learning Modules

  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals


Let us briefly explain you some of the services we offer:

2D Animation Services

2D animations can transform the way you visualize your business strategies or demonstrate your fine ideas. You can take your industrial and consumer products to the next level through our 2D animation services. We create animation graphics that appeal to your viewers' eyes and make a strong impression on their minds. Our professional experience gives us a keen sense of blending all the necessary auditory elements, including voice, sound, background music, special effects, and audio narrations. Our 2D animation services can cater to diverse requirements. We can provide you top class animation graphics and 2D videos designed for your trainings, demos, presentations, entertainment, and marketing purposes.


3D Animation Services

Animation industry has changed the way one can visualize plans, products and processes. Through our professional 3D animator solutions you can get 3D product animation, 3D illustration services, 3D architectural walkthrough, demonstrative 3D videos, medical and industrial 3D animation services, forensic animation services. Our 3D animation services are affordable, yet with unbeatable animation quality, stunning graphics, very accurate and detailed,


Illustration Services

Our services are used in a variety of industries ranging from architecture to medical devices. Our illustrations are the perfect blend of artistic perfection and technological proficiency, precise and scientifically accurate designs. Our experienced team has both the creative talent and technical expertise to transform your ideas into 3D illustrations that will astound you with their accuracy and quality. Having a good picture of what you are building can be very advantageous. Our 3D illustration services bring your imagination to the screen.


Industrial Modeling and Animation

Industrial models make the job of planning, learning and selling easier. Our Industrial modelling and animation services make your equipment, process, machinery, building or plant, come virtually alive. You can witness the beauty of your creations, products and working of your tools even before they take a physical form. Our industrial modelling and animation services provide you new opportunities:

Analyzing Machinery

Building machinery involves the effort and time of many people and requires investment. So, before you really take on the costly task of machinery construction, you can take the help of our industrial modelling and animation services to visualize and test your designs inexpensively and only then proceed towards building the actual machinery.

Streamline processes

AGS-Engineering industrial modelling and animation services can help you to evaluate your company's equipment and processes. You can achieve your goals rapidly and inexpensively. You can also test your future plans with our industrial modelling and animation services and modify your course of action to your benefit.

Selling ideas and products

With clear, communicative and realistic representations, you can make your point in an extraordinary way. You can impress your future investors and buyers and assure them that they can trust you and invest in your ideas and products.


Our industrial modelling and animation services add an extra dimension to your prototypes. You can simulate the working of any process or virtually see how a product will turn out to be.


Staff can be trained on new equipment and learn its usage with our efficient industrial modelling and animation services. Your staff will understand the model better and even be able to clearly learn the working of the equipment. The 2D/3D animations involved create a lasting impression in peoples’ minds.


Interactive Virtual Reality Animation Services

A virtual reality environment can open up an exciting new world of possibilities. For visual stories, our experienced team of talented professionals, by responding to the user's actions, deliver the most engaging content in the form of text, graphics, animation, video, games, etc. We develop scenes, objects, effects, sounds, colors, textures, create animations and render for high quality 3D images and virtual reality solutions.From ideas to CAD plans, we will deliver near perfect real time virtual reality solutions packed with impact to take your marketing campaign to new heights. Applications of interactive virtual reality animation are numerous, ranging from aerospace, automotive, industrial products to training videos, product explainer movies, visualization of architecture, walk-throughs of machines, driving simulators, portable / wearable systems displaying instructions, maps…and more.

Infographics Design Services

Information design services work best for you if you want to impress your clients, pass on information quickly, market impressively, or train effectively. Our infographics designs will convey your message in a fast and smart way. Your organization can benefit from our information design services for powerful marketing, fast & effective communication, impressive branding, creative appeal, effective and fast training. A primary objective of our expert infographic designers is to keep it simple yet effective. With eye catchy graphics and soothing color formats, our professionals create infographics that are best suited for your purpose. Your business will stand out from the other companies in the market because of the swift and powerful influence our information design services create.

Digital Magazine Services

You don't have to restrict your magazines to only text anymore. With digital magazine services, you can take your content to higher new levels with videos, audio, images and animations. Our expert multimedia wing can conceive, design and create wonderful supportive material that boosts your magazine's appeal. In the old days readers were interested only in the actual content of a magazine. Today, digital magazine providers have to render a comprehensive reading experience with the combination of best visual elements. Our digital magazine services help you get the right colors, themes, and layouts that strike the right balance and capture the attention of the readers.

E- Learning

E-Learning solutions have simplified the way teaching and training takes place nowadays. With our novel and customized e-Learning services, you get to have the best technique to impart knowledge. We offer a perfect blend of sound technology and the right multimedia to render you the perfect learning modules. Our e-Learning Solutions cater to many industries. To make e-learning products even more effective, we design online assignments, tests and quiz based e-Learning packages that keep your participants motivated, interested and pushes them to higher learning levels.

AGS-Engineering’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Click the following link to download our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM brochure. 

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