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Your One Stop Engineering Services Provider

AGS-Engineering Inc. is your one stop engineering services provider. We offer consulting, product design, test and verification, signal processing, data analysis, reverse engineering, research and development services. We specialize in areas of engineering including Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Optical & Photonic Engineering, Computer & Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Process Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Design & Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering Support. We have helped many small and large companies achieve their goals.

  • We design and develop your products and systems

  • We test & qualify your products and systems to recognized industrial standards

  • We reverse engineer products and materials for you

  • We conduct professional R&D for you

  • We perform failure analysis for your materials and products

  • We assist you with certifications

  • We offer a wide spectrum of engineering consulting services

  • .......................................and more.

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"Thank you AGS-Engineering with your help in designing our new gear assembly !"

Tyler White / Whirlpool Corporation

"You helped us in the design and prototyping of Barbie. You completed the project on time and delivered all that we had agreed on. We will work with you again.

Mary Johnson / Mattel, Inc.

"AGS-Engineering helped us troubleshooting a mechanical stability problem with our Clek Ozzi Booster Seats. A job well done !"

Alesandro Agnes /

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited

Our Engineering Services

  • ELECTRICAL ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING: Analog & Digital & Mixed Signal Design, ASIC & FPGA, Embedded Systems, PCB & PCBA Design & Development, RF & Microwave Design, Signal Processing, Design & Development of Renewable Energy Systems

  • OPTICAL & PHOTONIC ENGINEERING: Free Space and Guided Wave Optical Design, Design of Optical Coatings, Optoelectronic & Optomechanical Design, Design of Fiber Optic Devices & Systems, Photovoltaic Systems

  • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Design of Mechanical Components & Systems, Tooling, Jigs, Packaging, Machines, Mechatronic Systems, MEMS, Embedded Systems, Thermodynamic Systems Design

  • COMPUTER & SOFTWARE ENGINEERING: Programming, Signal Processing, Data Acquisition & Control, IT Technologies

  • MATERIALS & PROCESS ENGINEERING: New Materials Design & Development & Testing, Nanotechnology, Surface Science, Semiconductor Process Development, TCAD

  •  CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Design & Development & Testing of New Polymers, Composites, Alloys, Ceramics, Crystals, Biomaterials, Biodegradable Materials

  • BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING: Design and Development of Biomechanical, Biophotonic Systems, Implants, Bioinstrumentation, Biomems, Biomaterials Development 

  • INDUSTRIAL DESIGN & ENGINEERING: Industrial Design of New Products, Design & Development of Product Packaging

  • MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING SUPPORT: Transitioning from Concept or Prototyping to High Volume Manufacturing, Cost Reduction by Technology Transfer, Refinement of processes to reduce cost, cycle time, lead times, increase yield, reduce returns and rework, Implementation of methods that add value to the overall business such as JIT, TQM, Six-Sigma, SPC...etc

Engineering Consulting Services With Lasting Impact

How Do We Manage Engineering Projects ?

Protection of Intellectual Property AGS-Engineering
Protection of Intellectual Property

This is one of the top priorities for our organization. All our project leaders and engineers are trained on key aspects of protection of intellectual property. Here are some of the precautions we implement:

- Signing of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) is the first step to bind our designers and customers to mutually keep every piece of exchanged information secret and only within "Need-To-Know" basis.

- All our computer hardware and software is protected by most reliable and up to date spyware and virus protection programs.

- Company telephone communication system is special for avoiding any eavesdropping. 

- Computer servers are protected against hacking and infiltration.

- Our team members are not allowed to use laptop computers in high risk areas where surveillance can take place electronically. Interception of signals from our computers is prevented using state of the art tools and precautions.

- To protect against human intelligence (HUMINT), team members do not discuss any confidential projects with each other in public areas, tradeshows or anywhere that is of high risk. Confidential information is never revealed to anyone outside of the appointed key persons. Customers prototypes, work areas such as laboratory cannot be entered by strangers or visitors. Prior to any visit, work areas are prepared so that only materials related to the particular project can be seen.
- Portable computers and laptops are never left unattended anywhere. Highly sensitive information is only kept on secure company servers and cannot be copied or taken out of building except with special access.

- Communication with customers takes place using various techniques and media. For highly sensitive data, we may choose one of a variety of techniques such as having our customer login into a part of our secure servers to follow up on their project or download data. For communicating and transferring highly confidential data we may occasionally use an advanced technique like steganography to hide encryped data behind pictures which can only be seen by the recipient who has our special software. Both sides can then safely exchange information only visible to them using the special software downloaded on each sides' computers. We may also choose to send stored information on magnetic media appointing a reliable courrier.

- Every team member is trained against a variety of security risks such as sabotage, espionage and else. 

These precautions and even more should be taken by every technology company operating in todays' business World where highly sophisticated methods are being used by perpetrators every second to steal one of your most valuable assets, namely intellectual asset. 

Customer Communication AGS-Engineering
How Do We Communicate with Customers

Communication with customer can take place using various methods and media. For information on how we protect intellectual property, please see the submenu "Intellectual Property"

Large files and data cannot be sent using emails. Besides security risks, large files can not go through servers having an upper limit for emails with attachments. Therefore we frequently give to clients login access to our servers. Each client can access only information related to his/her own project. This way we can share very large files.

Depending on agreement with client, an update on a particular project is being entered into clients' folder at specific times or dates.

Engineering Project Review Process AGS-Engineering
Our Project Review Process

Every engineering project can be different and unique. Therefore we may take different approaches for different projects. Our most standard approach however involves a quick review of your project by subject matter experts and if needed, a scheduling of an engineering review meeting to further discuss your project with team members. Our engineering review meetings may involve engineers from a variety of disciplines in order to correctly determine what the project involves and what the best approach will be to deal with your project. In our engineering review meetings we typically conduct brainstorming, use techniques such as " Devil's Advocacy", perform first hand estimations on product performance, cost estimates, risk analysis, feasibility analysis...etc. During or after these reviews and meetings we may ask you further questions, schedule teleconferencing, or simply speak to you over the phone. Our rates and fees depend on project, subject, estimated time the project will take, risk factors....etc. Sometimes, and frequently, we divide a project into phases and stages where at the end of each phase or stage certain deliverables are planned to be submitted to our client. Sometimes a "Pay-as-you-go" type approach is preferred which gives both us and our client the option of opting out of a project in case there is dead end or unexpected circumstances arise which may not necessitate further work on the project. After you contact us, we will thoroughly examine your inquiry and let you know what we can do for you.

Our Qualifications AGS-Engineering
Our Qualifications

We are more qualified than any other company to provide you advanced engineering services.
Our engineering pool includes hundreds of highly qualified engineers experienced in various areas of advanced technology. We employ the very best talent based on achievement. Our selection criteria for engineers are very demanding and includes track records such as
 an award from top corporations such as Intel, Sun Microsystems, Motorola...etc. Other criteria for selection may involve valuable cash-collecting patents filed, cash-collecting royalty rights for inventions...etc., and of course demonstration of trustworthiness, honesty, understanding of confidentiality and concepts about intellectual property rights, dedication, motivation, psychological strength and soft skills. To screen our engineers, we conduct a tedious background check with all past and current employers. For some projects we assign subject experts with valid government security clearances. 

We believe that sometimes minor details and superiority can distinguish a real champion from the rest and therefore we only hire the very best engineers and scientists. Therefore we strive for excellency in hiring the very best. This enables us to offer you the best engineering services and make you a champion in the global marketplace.

Quotation Process for Engineering Services AGS-Engineering
How We Expect your RFQs and RFPs to Be ? How Do We Quote ?

Even though currently we do not have a strict format or template for submission of RFQs and RFPs for your engineering projects, we would appreciate if you can follow the following guidelines:

- Submit us your NDA agreement first in case  you need it signed prior to disclosure of any information. If you do not have an NDA form, let us know and we can send you ours which covers both sides.

- Send us as much detail as possible in writing. We prefer clear blueprints, engineering sketches, written descriptions, graphs, plots....etc. instead of length phone discussions initially. Later, we can continue discussing your project on the phone if needed. 

- Please be honest and clear when submitting us a project for review. Tell us the correct status of your project, tell us your expectations, plans, goals, budget...etc. as accurately as possible.

How You Can Provide Us Engineering Services

How You Can Provide Us Engineering Services AGS-Engineering

If you would like to provide us engineering services, please fill out our ONLINE SUPPLIER APPLICATION FORM by clicking on the following link:

If you are a corporation or a freelance professional providing engineering services, make sure to include your name, company name, website (if you have one), phone number....etc. and fill out all spaces on that form before you submit. If you are a professional willing to work with us and provide your services, please do not send us your resume or cover letter unless we ask you to do so. Please note that it takes time to review your background, so please be patient. If we see a potential for collaboration we may contact you at some time for further information and screening and we may enter you into our database of potential service providers. Please note that unfortunately we are unable to respond to all applicants. If there is a need and fit, we will however contact you sooner or later at some time.

Contact AGS-Engineering

Have a particular engineering challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact us today and let us help you get you back on track!

6565 Americas Parkway NE, Suite 200, Albuquerque, NM 87110, USA

Phone: 505-550-6501 / 505-565-5102 (USA)

Fax: 505-814-5778 (USA)

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