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Power Electronics Design

Power Electronics Design: Power electronics is the applications of solid-state electronics for the control and conversion of electric power. Most of the time since safety and electromagnetic interference is critical, you will need highly specialized engineers to design your product. That’s what we are here for. Power electronic converters can be found wherever there is a need to modify the form of electrical energy (i.e modify its voltage, current or frequency). The power range of these converters is from some milliwatts (as in a mobile phone) to hundreds of megawatts (e.g in a HVDC transmission system). With ''classical'' electronics, electrical currents and voltage are used to carry information, whereas with power electronics, they carry power. Thus, the main metric of power electronics becomes the efficiency.

The first very high power electronic devices were mercury arc valves. In modern systems the conversion is performed with semiconductor switching devices such as diodes, thyristors and transistors. In contrast to electronic systems concerned with transmission and processing of signals and data, in power electronics substantial amounts of electrical energy are processed. An AC/DC converter (rectifier) is the most typical power electronics device found in many consumer electronic devices, e.g., television sets, personal computers, battery chargers, etc. The power range is typically from tens of watts to several hundred watts. In industry the most common application is the variable speed drive (VSD) that is used to control an induction motor. The power range of VSDs start from a few hundred watts and end at tens of megawatts.

The power conversion systems can be classified according to the type of the input and output power

AC to DC (rectification)

DC to AC (inversion)

DC to DC (chopping)

AC to AC

Power electronic systems are virtually in every electronic device. For example, around us:

DC/DC converters are used in most mobile devices (mobile phone, pda...) to maintain the voltage at a fixed value whatever the charge level of the battery is. These converters are also used for electronic isolation and power factor correction.

AC/DC converters (rectifiers) are used every time an electronic device is connected to the mains (computer, television,...)

AC/AC converters are used to change either the voltage level or the frequency (international power adapters, light dimmer). In power distribution networks AC/AC converters may be used to exchange power between utility frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz power grids.

DC/AC converters (inverters) are used primarily in UPS, emergency light and solar energy systems. During normal electricity condition, the electricity will charge the DC battery. During blackout time, the DC battery will be used to produce AC electricity at its output to power up the appliances.

We have engineers specialized in the design of power electronic circuits and equipment and we will make sure our design will lead to a product that passes all international requirements such as electromagnetic compatibility, safety….etc. .

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