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RF & Microwave & Miniature Antenna Design: Radio frequency (RF) radiation is a subset of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 100km to 1mm, which is a frequency of 300 Hz to 3000 GHz, respectively. This range of electromagnetic radiation constitutes the radio spectrum and corresponds to the frequency of alternating current electrical signals used to produce and detect radio waves. RF can refer to electromagnetic oscillations in either electrical circuits or radiation through air and space. Like other subsets of electromagnetic radiation, RF travels at the speed of light. In order to receive radio signals, for instance from AM/FM radio stations, a radio antenna must be used. However, since the antenna will pick up thousands of radio signals at a time, a radio tuner is necessary to tune in to a particular frequency (or frequency range). This is typically done via a resonator (in its simplest form, a circuit with a capacitor and an inductor). The resonator is configured to resonate at a particular frequency (or frequency band), thus amplifying sine waves at that radio frequency, while ignoring other sine waves. Usually, either the inductor or the capacitor of the resonator is adjustable, allowing the user to change the frequency at which it resonates.

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Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths ranging from as long as one meter to as short as one millimeter, or equivalently, with frequencies between 300MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz. This broad definition including both UHF and EHF (millimeter waves), and various sources use different boundaries. In all cases, microwave includes the entire SHF band (3 to 30GHz, or 10 to 1cm) at minimum, with RF engineering often putting the lower boundary at 1GHz (30cm), and the upper around 100GHz (3mm). Microwaves are used in communication, remote sensing, navigation, power and spectroscopy applications.

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