AGS-Engineering Inc.

We are your one stop engineering services provider


We are more qualified than any other company to provide you advanced engineering services.

Our network includes over 200 highly qualified engineers experienced in various areas of advanced technology. We employ the very best talent based on achievement. Our selection criteria for engineers are very demanding and include the following:

- Graduation from first class, globally recognized higher institutes and universities with exceptional achievement such as honors and double major in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science....etc.

- Demonstration of exceptional IQ level. This may include winning a medal in World Mathematics Olympic Games, a medal in chess game awarded at a recognized competition...etc.

- Demonstration of outstanding professional performance. This may involve an award from top corporations such as Intel, Sun Microsystems, Motorola...etc. Other criteria for selection may involve valuable patents filed, royalty rights for inventions...etc.

- Demonstration of trustworthiness, honesty, understanding of confidentiality and concepts about intellectual property rights, dedication, motivation, psychological strength and soft skills. To screen our engineers, we conduct a tedious background check with all past and current employers. For some projects we assign subject experts with valid government security clearances.

We believe that sometimes minor details and superiority can distinguish a real champion from the rest and therefore we only hire the very best engineers and scientists. Therefore we strive for excellency in hiring the very best. This enables us to offer you the best engineering services and make you a champion in the global marketplace.

Our rates and fees depend on project, subject, estimated time the project will take, risk factors....etc. After you contact us, we will thoroughly examine your inquiry and let you know what we can do for you.

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