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PV/Wind Energy Systems Design

PV/Wind Energy Systems Design: This emerging field of photovoltaic and wind energy systems is attracting more and more attention in recent years. There is a big trend towards using more and more renewable energy sources. In the very near future, and even today many customers are going to ask manufacturers to offer them versions of products that can be operated using the Sun's energy or the wind to operate their equipment. This is something every smart manufacturer of any equipment or device should take into consideration. For example, if you are an agricultural water pump manufacturer, it is time to consider designing and offering pumps that run using the Sun's or wind energy. We are not saying your pump should completely be inoperable using generator power or grid power, but we are saying even if your pump functions with those power sources, you need to consider versions, add-ons or new designs that can utilize the Sun's and wind power if you want to stay in business in the next 10 years or longer term.

The field of renewable energy requires specialized engineers familiar with the subject. Companies are in search of such talent, and face challenges locating them, because they are in demand. There aren't too many of truely experienced renewable energy engineers in the market. However, we do have some of the brightest in our team. We have established and well recognized engineers experienced and specialized in areas such as:

- Advanced PV design and NEC Criteria Certification

- Grid tie Residential and Commercial PV system design (Conergy, Xantrex, SMA, Brooks Engineering)

- Hands on BP Integra Series Solar PV Installation

- Kaco Solar Gidtie Inverter Certification

- Xantrex Gidtie Inverter Certification

Our engineers knowledge spans subjects such as Large Commercial Solar PV Systems Design, Wind Farm Design , Wind Resources Assesment, Shear Profiling, PV*SOL, PVSyst, NREL SAM (Solar Advisor Model), Solmetric SunEye, 2008 NEC Code Criteria, UL1741,1703, IEEE 519, IEEE 1547, Hands on PV installation, NABCEP, PV Economics, PVWATTS, Solar Quick Quotes, GHWindFarmer Software.

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