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Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property Protection: This is one of the top priorities for our organization. All our project leaders and engineers are trained on key aspects of protection of intellectual property. Here are some of the precautions we implement:

- Signing of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) is the first step to bind our designers and customers to mutually keep every piece of exchanged information secret and only within ''Need-To-Know'' basis.

- All our computer hardware and software is protected by most reliable and up to date spyware and virus protection programs. Company telephone communication system is special for avoiding any eavesdropping.

- Computer servers are protected against hacking and infiltration.

- Our team members are not allowed to use laptop computers in high risk areas where surveillance can take place electronically. Interception of signals from our computers is prevented using state of the art tools and precautions.

- To protect against human intelligence (HUMINT), team members do not discuss any confidential projects with each other in public areas, tradeshows or anywhere that is of high risk. Confidential information is never revealed to anyone outside of the appointed key persons. Customers prototypes, work areas such as laboratory cannot be entered by strangers or visitors. Prior to any visit, work areas are prepared so that only materials related to the particular project can be seen.

- Portable computers and laptops are never left unattended anywhere. Highly sensitive information is only kept on secure company servers and cannot be copied or taken out of building except with special access.

- Communication with customers takes place using various techniques and media. For highly sensitive data, we may choose one of a variety of techniques such as having our customer login into a part of our secure servers to follow up on their project or download data. For communicating and transferring highly confidential data we may occasionally use an advanced technique like steganography to hide encryped data behind pictures which can only be seen by the recipient who has our special software. Both sides can then safely exchange information only visible to them using the special software downloaded on each sides' computers. We may also choose to send stored information on magnetic media appointing a reliable courrier.

- Every team member is trained against a variety of security risks such as sabotage, espionage and else.

These precautions and even more should be taken by every technology company operating in todays' business World where highly sophisticated methods are being used by perpetrators every second to steal one of your most valuable assets, namely intellectual asset.

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